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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Data Classification

PRO TECHnology provides a software that is designed to detect potential data breaches / data ex-filtration transmissions and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (data storage). In data leakage incidents, sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized personnel either by malicious intent or inadvertent mistake. Such sensitive data can come in the form of private or company information, intellectual property (IP), financial or patient information, credit-card data, and other information depending on the business and the industry.


we offer data classification as a part of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) process can be defined as a tool for categorization of data to enable/help organization to effectively answer following questions:


  • What data types are available?
  • Where are certain data located?
  • What access levels are implemented?
  • What protection level is implemented and does it adhere to compliance regulations?


When implemented it provides a bridge between IT professionals and process or application owners. IT staff is informed about the data value and on the other hand management (usually application owners) understands better to what segment of data center has to be invested to keep operations running effectively. This can be of particular importance in risk management, legal discovery, and compliance with government regulations. Data classification is typically a manual process; however, there are many tools from different vendors that can help gather information about the data.